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20+ Photos of Adorable Chickens In Tutus

Forget cats and dogs…and unicorns! Here’s something more fun and colorful.

  • Chicken clothing has become popular in recent years.
  • Chickens in tutus become the latest trend on Instagram
  • Owners are now eager to dress up their pet chickens and post their photos on the internet.

You might think chickens are just farm animals being reared for their meat and eggs. But apart from being great pets, we’ve proven to you that they can also be among the most stunning animals when photographed. And you’re going to love them, even more, when you see them wearing pretty tutus.

Forget about cats and dogs dressed in style to look better than you; it’s time for chickens to take the stage. Chickens in tutus become the latest trend to sweep the internet and you would see why. Photos of the domesticated fowls wearing colorful and decorative tutus will brighten your day because once again, this species has shown everyone they can be as adorable as dogs and cats.

It’s time for chickens to take the spotlight.

This is the latest trend you don’t want to miss.

Forget rainbow unicorns – here’s the real deal.

Chicken diapers by Julie Baker have become popular in the poultry world. The product is meant to manage chicken poop, which can be helpful especially for those who want to keep their pet chicken indoors.

Soon, other companies focusing on chicken clothing have emerged. And then here comes the tutu. Owners are now so eager to see their chickens elegantly dressed. While some have used tutus that are made by companies like Baker’s, others have become creative, using cupcake liners to make their chicks look like a pretty ballerina.

Chicken in tutus have become an Instagram staple and if you want to follow the trend, you can just search the hashtag #chickentutu to see something fun and colorful. Meanwhile, we’ve compiled some of the best and funny ones for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below.


What do you think of this chicken fashion trend? Let us know in the comments below.


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