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He Built this Cabin for Less than $500. The Result? It’s Beautiful!





You don’t need to be an architect nor an engineer to appreciate small structures such as houses and cabins. If you have keen observation and an inquisitive mind, you’ll wonder how these structures are built, piece by piece. What are the materials used and where they came from, who are the people who built it and how much is the total cost.

Just like the small cabin in the video. By observing the structure itself, at first you’d think that it was built by an experienced carpenter. It is quite impressive. Whoever built it surely made use of the natural materials around the area which makes the structure unique and special. The interior design of the cabin is simple but it has the cozy ambiance especially during the winter season. However, once you found out how and who built this structure, you’ll be even more impressed. To give you an idea, the cabin was built with a budget of less than $500 only. How was it possible?

Watch the video:

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Credits: OutsideFun1

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