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BBC Host Cooks Egg Fried Rice and Asians Are Outraged




  • BBC Food host Hersha Patel showed how to egg fried rice and Asians couldn’t help but be enraged.
  • Many have since criticized her procedure, pointing out her “numerous mistakes.”
  • YouTube Uncle Roger posted a reaction video and it has also gone viral online.

A cooking video posted by BBC Food recently gained viral fame on social media but not for the good reasons. As it appears, the host has a different way of making egg fried rice – and the Asians couldn’t help but react angrily to her unusual procedure.

In particular, a YouTuber known by his fans as Uncle Roger posted a point-by-point commentary video on his channel and it has since fanned the flames further. He’s definitely unhappy and he made sure everyone knew about it.

BBC host Hersha Patel cooked an egg fried rice and Uncle Roger couldn’t help but blatantly declare how she’s been doing it all wrong – from how she rinsed and simmered the rice to how she even had to use a colander in the process.

He yelled out:

“What you doing, drain the rice? You killing me, woman. How can you drain rice with a colander, it’s not pasta.”

Other netizens couldn’t help but jump aboard and make comments as well.

“Oh my goodness you cooked the rice wrongly!!! Why did you even rinse the rice? The amount of water is wrong too! Your rice is not properly cooked,” someone wrote.

Another said “My Asian mom would surely be surprised about how this woman made it to BBC without knowing how to cook rice.”

Watch Uncle Roger’s reaction here:

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Eventually, some viewers realized that Uncle Roger is actually a character being played by Malaysian stand-up comedian Nigel Ng, who portrays a typical Asian uncle.

The two even met for a dinner later on and we’re interviewed together by the network.

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So yes, he doesn’t actually hate Hersha although it might sound like that based on his viral video.

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