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This is How to Cook an Omelette in a Bag





Omelettes are popular for breakfast everywhere in the world. We love its taste, its texture and the flavor of its other ingredients mixed with eggs. However, omelettes contain some fat as they require oil or fat to be cooked. And they’re a bit messy too, with the preparation and cooking.

Enter Allrecipes’ Kitchen Hacks’ Omelette in a Bag recipe. It’s actually quite simple and easy to do. All you need is a freezer bag, fresh eggs and your favorite omelette ingredients. Just put the eggs inside the bag, make sure all air has been removed, break the eggs and mix it. Afterwards, put in your favorite ingredients and mix them all together.

So, how do you cook it? Seal the omelette mix in the bag and place in boiling water for 13 minutes. You’ll get nicely done omelettes without the oil or mess! You can even cook as many omelettes simultaneously.

Here’s the How-to video:

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Wasn’t that neat? Try cooking an omelette in a bag today and leave a comment below.

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