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Bank Surprises Customers By Giving Them $30,000 To Spend Within 24 Hours





“If you could help your community, what would you do?”

The answers to this question were brought to life by Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank when they surprised 24 customers in 24 different communities across North America with $30,000. For 24 days, each of the 24 customers had 24 hours to #MakeTodayHappen.

So how did TD Bank select their 24 lucky customers? People with “inspiring and impactful” ideas were given money and resources to make their dreams for their community a reality.
Here’s how some of the customers spent $30,000 within 24 hours:

Valerie Crabbe of Philadelphia for Inspiration Gala Day


Photo credit: BuzzFeed

This woman, who has adopted children, wanted empower teenage girls in foster care so she spent the money in organising an inspiration gala for them. To bring changes to the lives of the girls, she gave them a complete make-over and brought a motivational speaker. Needless to say, the girls felt phenomenal that night.

Michael Mulligan of Ontario for Accessibility Reno Day


Photo credit: BuzzFeed

Michael has been in his wheelchair for the past 18 years and he knew very well the struggles of not being able to go places. For his mission, he gave his handicapped neighbour Rose a ramp in order to have a more accessible home. It definitely brought a big change to Rose’s life who has not left her home for the last four years.

Edwin Ross of Florida for Team Gear Day


Photo credit: BuzzFeed

Elementary school gym coach Edwin Ross caught the company’s attention because of his involvement with his community’s football and cheerleading teams. Using the resources given to him, the gym coach provided a struggling football team with uniforms, gears, as well as practice equipment enough to last them for years. The smiles on the kids faces proved what Edwin did was truly worth it.

Watch their heartwarming video here:

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This isn’t the first time TD Bank gave back to their customers. Previously, they shocked some of their customers with their special ATM or “Automated Thanking Machines”.

The extraordinary ATM machines gave some customers extra cash, flowers, a personalised Blue jay shirt and cap, and a ticket to Trinidad. One mom with two sons even received an all access trip to Disneyland.

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