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This Woman Went To The ATM. What This Hidden Camera Catches Will Make Your Heart Melt!





In an effort to thank back its customers, TD Bank decided to create a heartwarming moments for some of their 11 million customers. Four TD Branches across Canada transform their selected ATMs into “Automated Thanking Machines” to surprise a handful of lucky customers with targeted gifts as part of their annual appreciation day. TD Bank filmed their priceless reaction and posted it on Youtube. The video has already gotten viral with over seventeen million views.

The “Automated Thanking Machines” looked like any other ATM machine, but it dispensed more than just money. They gave special gifts and surprises to their customers that were more than just the objects themselves. They gave these people unforgettable moments they may never have gotten to experience in their entire lives. Watch the heart-touching video to see what awesome gifts these customers received and their priceless reactions to these wonderful acts of kindness.

Watch the Viral Video:

Source: TD Youtube

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