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Watch This Bangkok Street Vendor’s Extreme Knife Skills. Amazing!

He made it look so safe and easy!


It probably takes great precision, technique, skill, and lots of years of practice to hold a very sharp knife and use it gracefully because one wrong move can surely cut you deep and hurt you (you definitely don’t want any your fingers to be included in the list of ingredients, right?) Well, this man in the video will stun you with his superb knife skills.

The video was taken in the streets of Bangkok. Apparently, the fruit vendor’s customers were stunned by how fast and easy he peeled the mangoes they brought from him. Well, ordinary people may take at least 2-3 minutes to peel any fruit the same size as that mango, but this guy? He peeled, sliced, and served the fruit in less than 30 seconds! And please, take a look at how big and sharp his set of knives were!

Watch the video:

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I admired his skill because I know I can’t do that. Do you know anyone who could beat this guy’s record?

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Watch How People Reacted When This Waitress Was Harassed By Her Boss

This social experiment shows how people normally react when they witness someone being sexually harassed.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

---Edmund Burke

If you have the capability to stop any form of abuse or harassment, would you do it?

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His Audition Started Off Great, But Something Went Wrong. What Happened Next? Amusing!

No, it’s not the “Full Monty”!

Britain's Got Talent has been showcasing a lot of people who are really exceptional at what they do for almost eight years now. During the audition period, it's typical to watch great dancers and singers boldly take the stage and own it. What's more entertaining to watch are those contestants who can surprise the judges and the audience with their act.

Like the man in the video for example. This handsome, strongly-built, 27-year-old man from London named Lewis Codling walked up the stage and immediately caught all the women's attention.

Then he started to sing. He has a great tone in his voice and the crowd obviously loved him. However, something went wrong in the middle of his performance; a technical glitch seemed to have occurred. The crew suddenly gathered on the stage with him, but much to everyone's disbelief, this happened next! According to the original YouTube description, the group is known as "Forbidden Nights." So, does their name give you a clue of what they did during the audition?

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This Might Be The Most Thrilling Yet Disgusting Japanese Game Show EVER!

Would you dare play this game?

As much as many reality game shows flood the usually noontime slots nowadays, it seems like people are getting more creative yet bizarre in pulling the strings altogether just to set up a very distinctive yet most grossed game EVER!

As disturbing as it may seem, Japan’s variety show “AKBingo!” must have the most artistic and thrilling roster of geniuses in conceptualizing a simple game with the use of only a transparent tube, two participants and the secret ingredient that will start the all-out war—a cockroach!

Yes, among the thousands of possible material, they have chosen to use a dead cockroach instead to play the vital role in their unique game. So what exactly is the goal? Simple. The players need to blow the cockroach or cicada placed inside the middle of the tube towards their opponent and hopefully not swallow and get choked by the unwanted “food”.

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