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Watch This Bangkok Street Vendor’s Extreme Knife Skills. Amazing!





It probably takes great precision, technique, skill, and lots of years of practice to hold a very sharp knife and use it gracefully because one wrong move can surely cut you deep and hurt you (you definitely don’t want any your fingers to be included in the list of ingredients, right?) Well, this man in the video will stun you with his superb knife skills.

The video was taken in the streets of Bangkok. Apparently, the fruit vendor’s customers were stunned by how fast and easy he peeled the mangoes they brought from him. Well, ordinary people may take at least 2-3 minutes to peel any fruit the same size as that mango, but this guy? He peeled, sliced, and served the fruit in less than 30 seconds! And please, take a look at how big and sharp his set of knives were!

Watch the video:

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I admired his skill because I know I can’t do that. Do you know anyone who could beat this guy’s record?

H/T: Amazing Info

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