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Badass Grandma Uses Chair To Chase Machete-Wielding Thugs Who Tried To Rob Her Shop





When you’re a shop owner and two machete-wielding, balaclava-wearing thugs enter your store, it’s really normal to feel afraid.

Apparently, however, Hamalata Patel isn’t the type to get scared that easily.

This badass of a grandmother bravely “risked her life by confronting two raiders who entered her shop carrying machetes,” reported Metro. Instead of surrendering to their demands, she picked up a chair and chased them away.

I’m guessing this woman must be a WWE fan.

Hamalata Patel, 56, was at her store when two machete-wielding, balaclava-wearing thugs entered.


Source: via Metro

The CCTV footage below shows us exactly what happened when the intruders entered her shop located in Winsford, Cheshire. The 56-year-old didn’t take their presence as a serious threat, however, as she decided to take a stand against them.

“One of them banged the machete on the counter and started to damage the shop,” Patel shared. “So I just lost the plot.”


Source: YouTube

Fortunately, the shop was empty when the two crooks walked in so no one was harmed.

Mrs Patel shared:

“They were shouting at me and I just told them ‘if you need it then take it’ but one of them banged the machete on the counter and started to damage the shop so I just lost the plot.

“We have a chair that we leave out for some of our older customers so I picked it up and chased them out of the shop while I shouted at them, ‘okay, if you ask for it then you are going to get it and I’m coming for you’.”

“I picked up a chair and chased them out of the shop while shouting ‘I’m coming for you!”


Source: YouTube

She continued:

“They ran out of the shop and my husband who was in the back came out to see that I was okay.

“Word of what I’ve done is starting to get around the area, everyone knows what I’m like – I help out with people and charities and I care for people in the local area, but don’t ever cross me.”

Watch the CCTV footage here:

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When asked about how she feels about the two crooks, Mrs Patel admitted she actually ‘feels sorry’ for them. She said:

“In a sense, I feel sorry for the two who came in but they have done wrong.”

The brave woman defended herself with a chair and the crooks left the scene empty-handed.


Source: via Metro

Inspector David Snasdell of the Northwich local policing unit commented:

“The brave female challenged the offenders and defended herself with a chair which made the offenders leave empty-handed.

“Thankfully these offences are rare and the shopkeeper was very brave in protecting her shop and property.”

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