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Adorable Baby Panda Will Do Anything Just to Get Out Of Bath





We’ve all gone through that one time in our lives as a kid when we absolutely detested the thought of taking a bath. It was cute back then, maybe that’s why we were let off the hook by our parents from time to time, not minding that we’d smell awful the rest of the day. If it still happens up to now that you’re an adult, it isn’t anywhere cute when you think of it.

The same thing happens to animals as well. There are times when the cute, furry offspring of our four-legged friends would rather pass on the chance to be clean, simply because being dirty and covered in soil is so much fun. This video captures how a baby panda did everything it could just so it wouldn’t get cleaned up by its mother.

Not that it threw a tantrum like a toddler would, but the baby panda really made things difficult for its mother to get it cleaned. It threw its weight around so much, that he ended up getting scolded, the panda way, by his mom.

Check out the cute video here:

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