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Adorable Baby Panda Will Do Anything Just to Get Out Of Bath

Watch this cute baby panda try his best not get cleaned up. Too cute!

We’ve all gone through that one time in our lives as a kid when we absolutely detested the thought of taking a bath. It was cute back then, maybe that’s why we were let off the hook by our parents from time to time, not minding that we’d smell awful the rest of the day. If it still happens up to now that you’re an adult, it isn’t anywhere cute when you think of it.

The same thing happens to animals as well. There are times when the cute, furry offspring of our four-legged friends would rather pass on the chance to be clean, simply because being dirty and covered in soil is so much fun. This video captures how a baby panda did everything it could just so it wouldn’t get cleaned up by its mother.

Not that it threw a tantrum like a toddler would, but the baby panda really made things difficult for its mother to get it cleaned. It threw its weight around so much, that he ended up getting scolded, the panda way, by his mom.

Check out the cute video here:

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Beached Sperm Whales in Germany Found Full of Plastic Debris and Car Parts

It shows how much human beings disrespect marine life.


Thirteen sperm whales were found beached on Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The necropsy report has been finally released, and the result is both sad and disturbing.

According to a press release from Wadden Sea National Park, the stomachs of four out of the 13 whales that were stranded on the North Sea coast were full plastic debris and car parts.

Experts said they found a plastic car engine cover, a 43-foot-long shrimp fishing net, and the remnants of a plastic bucket.

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Brave Rescuers Help Bear That Had a Bucket Stuck On its Head For a Month

Bucket bear was finally freed, thanks to these brave animal rescue volunteers.


The people of Perry Township, Clarion County called him ”Bucket Bear”.

The young, black bear had been roaming the highway and the forests of western Pennsylvania with a bucket-like object stuck on its head for over a month.

When a woman named Krissy Elder saw him, she contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission to ask for help; however, she was told that they couldn’t do anything while the bear was healthy and “mobile.”

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This Weird Fish Chooses to Live Inside a Sea Cucumber’s Butt

Okay, this looks gross…

If you have a chance to be reincarnated and the only option for you is to be reborn as a sea creature, you would definitely not choose to be a sea cucumber, which looks like a lump of intestine crawling around the sea floor.

It's not the prettiest thing and spends its life eating up algae, very small aquatic animals, and waste products, and then breaking down its particles to recycle back to the ocean's ecosystem.


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