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Bored Zoogoers In China Spotted Throwing Rocks At Sleeping Panda




  • This is the disturbing moment when a couple of Chinese tourists started throwing rocks at a sleeping panda.
  • The incident was filmed at Beijing Zoo’s panda pavilion.
  • The tourists were stopped by zookepers and the animal, named Meng Da, was unharmed.

A recent viral video shows us how some human beings can really be disgusting. The footage, which was taken in China’s Beijing Zoo, has sparked anger among netizens when it made rounds on Chinese social media via Weibo and Twitter.

Apparently, two ill-mannered zoo visitors threw some rocks at a big panda in an attempt to ‘wake’ the animal up. Of course, people are not happy about the incident and the pair have since been bashed heavily by everyone.

Why would anyone do this?

As you can see on the video below, Meng Da, the panda, seems to be relaxing on the ground when a rock suddenly flew towards its direction. The animal, who was visibly startled, got up to inspect what it was.

Other zoogoers can be heard in the background, reacting to the stupid deed.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last rock thrown that day as we learn from reports that about 30 minutes after the video was taken, the couple again picked up and hurled stones at Meng Da.

As we have mentioned earlier, the incident sparked outrage among netizens with some calling out the “stupid couple” for what they did. Some even angrily suggested that the two should also be “pelted with rocks” as a punishment.

You can watch the video here:

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The video gained millions of views from social media users and the story was later covered by several news sources.

Fortunately, a spokesperson from the zoo later told the media that staff members eventually arrived at the scene to stop the tourists. It has also been confirmed that Meng Da was not injured or harmed in any way.

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