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Australian Woman Finds Around 20 Venomous Spiders On Her Swimming Pool




  • A woman from Darwin, Australia recently enlisted the services of a pest control company after finding around 20 venomous spiders on her swimming pool.
  • According to the company, these spiders can stay alive underwater for up to 24 hours.
  • Experts likewise emphasized that residents should observe caution as the bites of these spiders can cause serious illness and pain.

Australian authorities are warning the public to exercise caution as dangerous spiders have been reportedly spotted by homeowners as summertime approaches.

Case in point, one woman from Darwin named Lauren Merritt recently reported about finding almost 20 venomous mouse spiders on the bottom of her pool last week.

Imagine finding these spiders on your pool!

According to Pest2Kill’s Julian Bracewell, their Sydney-based pest control firm gets extremely busy from September to May as more spiders surface during these months. And while the poisonous spiders were seen in the clients’ swimming pool, “they’re not always dead, they can stay alive for quite some time up to 24 hours,” he told the Daily Mail.

Mouse spiders are dangerous so people should be careful around them.

As Julian explained:

“A lot of people confuse Mouse spiders for Funnel Webs because they’re very similar looking and are ground dwelling as well.”

These spiders can measure from 10mm to as much as 35mm in length. Their bites could lead to serious problems such as severe pain and illness.

“Mouse spiders aren’t as aggressive as Funnel Webs but they are venomous so handle with care and use gloves or a pool cleaner,” Julian further shared. “A bite is pretty painful and will cause illness to young children. It’s similar to a Redback, their fangs are pretty long and anyone bitten should be taken to hospital.”

It’s best to call the experts for help “if you see burrows in your garden,” he concluded.

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