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Australia Keeps Drivers Awake on Long, Boring Roads Using Trivia Signs

Other countries should give this a try, too!


Apart from drug and/or alcohol influence, boredom is usually the culprit behind many road accidents. Drivers tend to fall asleep while driving because of it. Perhaps they’re cruising a road that seems like forever and thus ends up feeling sleepy? Boredom continues to be one of the root causes of traffic-related deaths.

Interestingly, Australia acknowledges this threat and has since implemented a strategy that would at least help drivers stay awake. And how exactly does this strategy work? By installing trivia signs on roads, that is. The idea may sound funny to some but it’s actually working as intended.

It can’t be denied that Australia is among the countries in the world that has some equally epic, long roads. Take for instance the popular strip of tarmac between Caiguna and Balladonia. It doesn’t offer a single turn, not until it reaches 90 miles. This is just one of the longest roads in the globe so it can get really boring.

The country’s government has made a huge step in helping drivers stay alert. Some of them are hilariously genius, while others are enough to keep those eyes wide open. There’s no doubt that these trivia signs will keep you awake on a long car adventure. Check them out below!


Source: fartjockey

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Source: Junkhost

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Source: fartjockey

Source: fartjockey

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According to BoredPanda, while most Aussies are thankful for these trivia signs, some can’t help but make fun of them.

Throw me a math problem and I’ll probably hit every kangaroo the following miles.”

Or how about this?

Man dies hitting trivia road sign, news at 11.”

Others, however, discussed on social media about the seriousness of driver fatigue.

Am Australian, can confirm. Driver fatigue is a real killer on the roads.”

Well, kudos still goes to the Australian government for making such impressive move. It sure is a great way to keep sleepyheads awake.


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