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16-Year-Old Teen Builds A Tiny House For His Future





Nowadays, teens are more concerned about what they posts on Facebook, computer games, crushes, bullying. But Austin Hay, 16 year old, is an exception. Austin is more concerned about his future home mortgage payments so he started building his own future home in 2010. Austin was inspired after watching his dad rebuild their family home that was burnt down. With his dad’s dedication as his inspiration and a little knowledge he acquired from his high school shop class, Austin bought a $2,000 trailer using the money he earned from his summer job. Then he started constructing his 130 square-foot tiny house.

What an awesome kid! When asked if anyone can build their own home, Austin quickly replied without any second thoughts, “Oh yeah, they just have to put their mind to it, and that’s what scares people. That and it’s hard work.”

Watch the Video:

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The whole project was an awesome hobby for Hay. Instead of wasting time on social media and computer games, he make use of his time to create something worthwhile. It took him years to complete the project but I’m sure it was worth it. He admitted that he made several rookie mistakes along the way, but Austin proves that experience is really the best teacher.

You’ll be Amazed to see the Finished House:

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This is definitely a great investment as he’s already a home owner and doesn’t need to pay high mortgage payments! Way to go kid! I hope you will inspire more kids to spend their time on something significant.

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