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Asian Supermarkets Are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead Of Plastic Bags





People are already choosing not to use plastic in an effort to save the world. However, Asian supermarkets are clearly taking it one step further. Several grocery stores have decided to replace the usual plastic bags and are now using banana leaves for their produce.

A grocery store called Rimping Supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand is certainly doing what it can to help the environment. A viral Facebook post by Perfect Homes Chiangmai revealed that the supermarket is now using banana leaves to wrap their vegetables. Needless to say, people are loving the idea and other Asian supermarkets have adopted the practice.

These cucumbers look cozy in their banana leaf wrapping.

A member of Perfect Homes Chiangmai team who visited the supermarket had decided to take photos of the leaf-covered vegetables. However, they had no idea that people would love the concept.

“When I noticed the veg wrapped in banana leaves and simply liked the idea and showed my wife who picked a few up to buy. I thought I would take a few pictures and just post to the page, and that was it,” they said.

The post has since gone viral because people were loving the brilliant idea.

It was also pointed out that some items still have plastic wrapping. However, Rimping Supermarket explained that some products are pre-packaged and that most companies still prefer plastic since it is cheaper. Nevertheless, they are hopeful that these companies will eventually use leaves instead.

“I feel it is now up to the shoppers to show the supermarket which they prefer. Because without a doubt if everyone opts for the banana leaf packaging then they will stop stocking the items in plastic and this will also drive other great ideas forward,” a representative stated.

More supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam are now looking for earth-friendly alternatives to plastic.

It’s certainly an awesome idea that should be copied everywhere in an effort to reduce plastic consumption. Hopefully, more supermarkets will adopt a more earth-friendly way of packaging their products.

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