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Awesome Artist Uses 1 Million Dots to Paint a Mesmerizing Picture





Beauty and art always go together. In fact, it is virtually impossible to behold one without the other. This holds true for many artists who explore the wonderful world of art. And while most artworks are made with color and lots of complex strokes from different brushes, this artist can produce beautiful pieces of art even with just the use of dots.

David Bayo, an artist hailing from France, proved that his artworks can be quite astonishing even without complete sets of lines, strokes, and mixture of colors. Instead, he uses dots. Lots of it.

An artwork he dubbed as “BAUHAUS” is comprised of a total of 1 million tiny dots used in shading and painting a face of a woman, rendering it with a 3D appearance.

David Bayo is one of the so-called “speed writing” artists who specializes in the art style called “pointillism.” According to the ArtCyclopedia, this painting style entails the use of dots to create an image, be it in color or in black-and-white. It is quite similar with ‘divisionism’ but mainly focuses on the application of ink on paper than on the division of colors.

Aside from using pens, he can also manipulate watercolor and charcoal very well in creating masterpieces with mesmerizing effects on its viewer. He can also create artworks in black paper, thanks to his skill in using white charcoal.

The Eagle Owl

The Eagle Owl

Source: David Bayo

Check out how he created his masterpiece in the video below.

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In the artwork featured in the video above, David only made use of black ink pen which provides a sort of 3D intensity to the picture he created. The French artist’s style in pointillism tends to “take advantage of the strong contrast between light and dark to create stark yet mystical pieces,” according to a 7 Shades of Black profile about him. He even made a watercolor portrait of award-winning actress, Emma Watson.

Check out more of his works in his official website, While you’re at it, share this article to express your love for art and the exciting world of pointillism.

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