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This Woman Rescued Six Poor Dogs That Were Left in a Yard With No Food and Water!





We’ve seen how loyal, brave, and dependable our furry, four-legged friends are and they definitely don’t deserve to be treated badly. Anyway, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners or trainers so we should never blame them if they misbehave. With that said, I don’t think it’s right to get or adopt dogs only to neglect, abuse and leave them to die.

Amy Remark shared her heartbreaking encounter with PawMyGosh when she came across four severely malnourished and dehydrated little pups, their momma, and one adolescent male in a yard.

She rescued them and took the unfortunate animals to a vet, where she shouldered the medical bills herself.


Photo credit: Amy Remark
Sadly, Chief, the momma dog did not survive despite all the vet's attempts to save her life.


Photo credit: Amy Remark
With no food and water, Chief may have become too weak after she gave birth to her pups.


Photo credit: Amy Remark
Remark and some of her friends nursed the poor pups until they became healthy.


Photo credit: Amy Remark
Eventually, they were able to find a shelter for the four.


Photo credit: Amy Remark

She and her friends also started a fundraiser to help cover the medical expenses of the four puppies while they are in the shelter.

However, she decided to adopt Fletcher, the adolescent male.


Photo credit: Amy Remark
He is now on his way to full recovery in the company of Remark and her other dog.


Photo credit: Amy Remark

Remark stated, "He is so cute and also needs a ton of work with a dog trainer. I’m doing my best and he’s learning quickly. He and my other dog – who doesn’t like many dogs – get along famously. I think it’s true love.”


Photo credit: Amy Remark
Please share this story to all the dog lovers out there to spread awareness and stop animal cruelty.


Photo credit: Amy Remark

You can also donate for their fundraiser at GoFundMe.

H/T: PawMyGosh


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