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Wife Gets Amazon Delivery Box Themed Birthday Cake From Husband

Life is like a piece of cake. It’s more amazing if there’s Amazon.

  • Emily McGuire celebrated her birthday with an Amazon delivery box cake from her husband, Mac.
  • The cake designed as an Amazon delivery box is all-edible.
  • Sweet Dreams Bakery has been receiving lots of calls from customers since their cake went viral.

What else can you give a woman who’s got it all from her regular Amazon haul? It would be the hardest choice to make in the world and you know you can’t buy just anything because she probably already has it. But this husband got it all covered.

Emily McGuire, a photographer from North Carolina, celebrated her 39th birthday with a cake designed as a delivery box from Amazon. Mac, Emily’s husband, knew exactly what will make his wife happy and laugh with just a simple gesture like this cake.

According to Mac, the 39-year-old celebrant’s favorite past time is clicking the add-to-cart button in one of the largest online retail stores in the world. In fact, Emily orders from Amazon, at least, three times a week. Talk about a loyal customer!

The Amazon box cake was made by husband and wife Brent and Trena Norris who own Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, NC. According to Brent, it took them eight hours to finish the cake which is all-edible from filling to the shipping labels. The Amazon tape and labels were made of wafer paper and addressed to Emily McGuire at “1234 Birthday Lane” in “Happy Birthday, 2U.”

Emily shared that when she saw the cake, she immediately thought this of her husband, “As soon as I saw the cake, I was like, ‘He gets me.’ I felt so understood!” She then took pictures of the best birthday cake ever and shared it on her Facebook page with the caption: “When you order a lot from Amazon, you get an Amazon box cake.”

Meanwhile, the Sweet Dreams Bakery has since been receiving a lot of orders, inquiries, and calls from customers. “We’ve been getting lots of calls from people who want the cake,” says Brent. “The phone keeps ringing.”

Now you all know what to give someone who loves shopping. The choice is but a piece of cake!


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