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25 Amazing Underground Houses Spotted Across The World





These remarkable homes look nothing more like a grassy hill and a big mountain of stone. That is until you get near the property and discover these houses sit largely underground.

If you are familiar with the hobbits in that popular movie, “The Lord of The Rings,” you’d be amazed by these various underground houses situated everywhere around the world. Some of them don’t look any close to Bilbo’s home, but they are just as spectacular.

Sit back and relax while you go through these amazing photos. You may get some ideas and decide to start digging in your backyard. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

#1. The Brochs of Coigach, Scotland

The Brochs of Coigach, Scotland

Source: ChrisGDwyer

There is a big chance that you won’t realize there is a house here until you get much closer to it.

The Brochs of Coigach, Scotland1

#2. Cave Home, Troo, France

Cave Home, Troo, France


This house looks a bit creepy but I’d definitely live here!

Cave Home, Troo, France1

#3. House Cave, Sacromonte, Spain

House Cave, Sacromonte, Spain

Source: buzzfeed

I would stay anywhere in Spain, all the more if it were in a cavehouse.

House Cave, Sacromonte, Spain1

Source: buzzfeed
#4. OUTrial House, Poland

OUTrial House, Poland

Source: kwkpromes

This stunning house in Poland is also known as “The House With The Grass Roof.”

OUTrial House, Poland1

Source: kwkpromes
#5. Vardezia cave city, Georgia

Vardezia cave city, Georgia


This houses inside a mountain look like they belong to the Middle Ages, which also makes them a little creepy.

Vardezia cave city, Georgia1

Source: Geagea
#6. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

25. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

It looks more like a church of some cult in the area, but the place is actually being used for special occasions like wedding and other celebrations.

Sala Silvermine, Sweden1

#7. Rock houses, Iceland

Rock houses, Iceland1

Source: kelownanow

Iceland is a beautiful country, and to see these elf houses in the middle of the country is something everyone should do.

Rock houses, Iceland

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