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These 12 Simple Stroller Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

This will totally change the life of every parent.

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but the wonderful feeling of seeing your child grow up in your very eyes is incomparable. It is certainly rewarding to see your kids succeed in life, which could only mean that you have done your job as a parent.

But before we get to that stage of parenthood, there will be that time when you decide to take a short walk at the nearest park with your kid in a stroller. A stroller is a perfect tool to bring when you are with your little angel outside. It makes your short travel easier and comfortable. However, there are going to be some common issues you will encounter since bringing along a diaper bag and all other things in your three-block stroll is just a handful.

Some of the things you need to improvise your stroller might just be sitting in your basement or garage for years.

These 12 Simple Stroller Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier

Source: WhatsUpMoms

It is about time every parent with a stroller-aged kid considers a DIY improvement to their stroller to make it more efficient. A short clip from “What’s Up Moms” shows you 12 stroller hacks you can do in your home. You never would have thought these things can be used to maximize the usage of your kid’s stroller.

Some of the things you need to improvise might just be sitting in your basement or garage for years. Basic things like zip ties, Velcro, tennis grip and even your old ankle weights can be used to maximize the stroller.

It’s simple and one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to complete the improvement.

Watch the video now and learn how you can make your next walk with your little kiddo a better experience.

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Tips on How to Protect Your “Locked” Luggage from Tampering and Theft

This is why your locked luggage isn’t as safe as you think…


Most of us are aware that we should protect our belongings and keep our luggage securely closed inside the airport since we are the ones responsible for our own possessions.

Many travellers believe that they are not allowed to use a lock for their baggage because of the airport screening process; however, we can still lock it provided that we follow the Transportation Security Administration regulations.

Unlocked luggage can be opened by a stranger; they can steal your valuable possessions or perhaps place illegal substance or objects inside. Remember that, you are accountable for the contents of your own luggage even if you are innocent and a victim of baggage tampering.

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Who Would Have Thought That Skin Tags Can Be Removed Easily? Amazing!

Apple cider vinegar works like magic!


Do you have skin tags on various parts of your body? Do you feel like you have lost your confidence because of your skin condition? You no longer have to worry anymore. The secret is just hiding inside your cupboard - apple cider vinegar. Apparently, this ingredient has been used to remove skin tags and some say it works like magic.

It’s cheap and easy to obtain. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars or even thousands just to have your skin tags removed. You don’t have to go through that expensive process where you have to see a specialist just to have your skin tags, or also known as acrochordon, removed.

In the comfort of your own home, you can be your own doctor and make your skin healthy again. Just make sure you follow the instructions provided on the video below by the author of “Quantum Paleo,” Dr. Doug Willen.

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9 Remedies That Will Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring is irritating. Be kind to your sleep partner and try these easy solutions to lessen or hopefully stop you from snoring.

About 45% of adults snore and it is a nuisance not just to your partner, but also for your health. Snoring decreases the quality of your sleep and is a potential risk for heart disease.

Snoring results when the air is unable to move freely between the nose and throat. Apart from seeking medical help to stop your snoring habit, you can also implement some of these remedies at home before you go to sleep tonight:

#1. Use a humidifier

1 Use a humidifier

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