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These Artworks Are so Amazing You Won’t Believe They’re Made of Pumpkin!

Pumpkin carving can get quite challenging, be inspired by looking at these pumpkin masterpieces.

Mika Castro





It’s Fall season once again and it’s time for pumpkin carving festivals and trick or treats. Running out of ideas for that perfect jack-o-lantern? These top 10 most amazing pumpkin carvings will surely give you artistic inspiration!

We loved them and they're cute. Now you can carve your own Minion and plot for world dominance!


Photo credit: Twitter: @rhiannamarie
A literal jack-o-lantern. It's so pretty, you can use it as a lantern furniture.


Photo credit: hotstyledesigns
The light from the candle made this tiger carving very much alive and life-like


Photo credit:
van Gogh's Starry Starry Night on Pumpkin! Achieving the 4-tone colours is the challenge.

Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Photo credit: Maniac Pumpkin Carvers: Chris Soria and Marc Evan
From van Gogh to a rendition of Dali. A lot of intricate carving has gone into detail on this one.

Flickr Rebecca Pavia

Photo credit: Flickr: Rebecca Pavia
From paintings to portraits… immortalize your face in a pumpkin (as long as it doesn’t get rotten!)

alex wer the pumpkin geek

Photo credit: The Pumpkin Geek: Alex Wer

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Instagrammer Uniquely Transforms Famous Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts.

You shouldn’t miss how this photographer brilliantly transforms famous landmarks through paper cutouts.

Jessa Ventures



In this modern world where technology is within our grasp, people can make things famous in just a snap of a camera or video clips uploaded online. There are so many ways to make us notice something or someone but what sets them apart is the true ingenuity of men--behind every artwork, photo or invention.

Instagrammer Rich McCor or "Paperboyo" wanted to explore the famous landmarks in his own city so he began by collecting facts about them including how he can photograph each site in a unique way. First, he came up with an idea to use a cutout to transform Big Ben into a wristwatch and he did. Seeing those who took interest in his work, he was even motivated to do more. He then photographed other landmarks like the London Eye, St. Paul's and Trafalgar Square. He also posted them on his Instagram account with some interesting facts about each landmark.

More people admired his brilliant work and later on, he even partnered with the Lonely Planet. They asked him if he could create more photos for them and so he agreed. Soon after, he traveled to different other places such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris and Stockholm--doing what he does best and loving it.

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Chilean Artist Portrays Women Realistically Tearing Themselves Apart

Mind-bending art shows how women really feel.

Dondi Tiples



Its frustrating to be a woman in a man's world. With gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and body shaming, women face so many attacks from all sides while trying to build their careers, nurture their relationships, get an education, keep a home, and raise their children.

Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque, a 29-year-old artist from Santiago, Chile, wanted to portray the teeth-gnashing frustration women often feel, making them want to tear themselves apart.

The agony and aggravation of being a woman...

1021 tear apart 1

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25 Terrifying Halloween Cakes to Curdle Your Blood

Hair-raising sweets for the horror-inclined.

Dondi Tiples



As the clock strikes closer to All Hollows Eve, specialty cake makers start coming out of the woodwork to create one-of-a-kind confections guaranteed to chill the heart's blood of any sweet tooth.

Here are some blood-curdling examples of edible Halloween artwork to give "life" to any party:

#1. Your heart's desire on a plate from Lilly Vanilli, London.

1020 cake 1

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