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Adrenaline Junkies Set Up The World’s Largest Hammock Over A Canyon At A Desert





Many people look for an intense adventure; some of them travel to different places to experience something extra ordinary and pleasurable. One of the most popular escapades is zip lining.

Through zip lining a person can completely see the beauty of a whole place on a different vantage point.

You can go above the mountains, volcanoes, bridges, sea, falls and many more in which there are many ways to zip line; some lay flat on a board, others use parachutes after it so they can jump and experience more thrill.

What’s fun with zip line and web like hammock 400 feet or more above the ground is that you’ll certainly feel the adrenaline rush and hard cool breeze of the wind blowing against your body.

It’s not uncommon to find group of people setting up creative outdoor adventures that is suitable to what they are looking for. A group of thrill seekers (not a giant spider) set up this web like hammock over a canyon near Moab, Utah. The team responsible for this call themselves the Moab Monkeys.

Zip line that stretches out over a Canyon in the Middle of the Desert

Zip line that stretches out over a Canyon in the Middle of the Desert

Source: Youtube

Bright idea came to these fellows as they were able to put up the hammock 400 feet above the ground. To get to the web, you have to cross a 200 foot long rope by walking or zip lining. At the hammock you can rest and enjoy the scene but these guys prefer to do some daredevil jump from the hole in the center of the web or at the sides.

A massive hammock was created over a 400-ft high canyon near Moab.

A massive hammock was created over a canyon near Moab with the height of 400 feet

Source: Youtube

In the video, some people stayed on the hammock and relaxed while one of the men jump from the hole which is 400 feet deep and then released his parachute. It’s scary and at the same time a wonderful experience.

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Thrill seekers, this place is a place to visit and have awesome experiences. You will definitely not want to miss this.

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