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20 Stunning Images That Will Make You Want Travel to Nicaragua

Considered one of the safest countries in Latin America, Nicaragua also offers a lot of scenic spots for travelers to love.






Many backpackers seem to pass through Nicaragua quickly. A few days are spent at San Juan del Sur surfing by day and inhaling Flor de Caña by night, followed by a few days recovering by taking in the colours of Leon and Granada and possibly a pass over Ometepe to climb one of its two magnificent volcanoes.

But if you give it time, there is so much more to stoke your curiosity, particularly for the more outdoor-inclined traveller.

Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and certainly one of the cheapest. We spent 3 months bouncing around and hope we went a little further than just the normal gringo trail.

Here’s my 20 photos from off-the-beaten path places and activities that will make you want to travel to Nicaragua.

#1. Through The Dust

Through The Dust

#2. Open Horizons

Open Horizons

#3. Active Volcanoes

Active Volcanoes

#4. Inhale The Fumes of Hell

Inhale The Fumes of Hell

#5. Explore The Unknown

Explore The Unknown

#6. Jump Into A Crater Lake

Jump Into A Crater Lake

#7. Sunsets And Fishermen

Sunsets And Fishermen

#8. Finding Your Personal Sunset Spot

Finding Your Personal Sunset Spot

#9. Remote Inland Islands

Remote Inland Islands

#10. Silence


#11. What Dreams Are Made Of

What Dreams Are Made Of

#12. A Fortress To Hold Off Pirates

A Fortress To Hold Off Pirates

#13. The Way To The Beach

The Way To The Beach

#14. Waterfalls

Active Volcanoes

#15. Getting Soaked

Getting Soaked

#16. Climbing For Views

Soaking It All Up

#17. Paddling Through Sunsets

Climbing For Views

#18. Exploring Canyons

Paddling Through Sunsets

#19. Sliding Through Slopes

Sliding Through Slopes

#20. Soaking It All Up

Exploring Canyons

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