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Unique Restaurant In The Philippines Sits At The Base of a Waterfall

This place is a good mix of nature, adventure, and awesome food in one. Sounds fun?

Mark Andrew





If you’re looking for a fun, nature adventure and some good food to eat, you’ve got to see this interesting place. Apparently, there is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in the Philippines – which sits at the base of a waterfall!

Situated on a former coconut plantation spot in San Pablo City, the Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant has found popularity among locals and tourists because of its unique concept and location.

A restaurant like no other!

Source: daelive

The Waterfalls Restaurant, “gives guests a watery thrill, as its bamboo tables are right next to the Labasin Falls, a man-made cascade,” wrote the DailyMail.

Why is the waterfall considered man-made, you ask? Well the falls are actually “run-off from a nearby dam,” according to the news site.

You can splash away right after finishing your meal.

Source: j.urrix

With such a unique setting, you can always leisurely splash away right after you’re done with your food. Actually, guests are soaked in the water the entire time, as you can see in the images.

To get there, you have to drive around 3 hours from Manila. As you arrive in the Villa Escudero Resort, you will have to ride carts pulled by water buffalos to get to the restaurant.

So yes, getting there is an adventure in itself.

The restaurant serves buffet and they offer quite a good selection of local cuisine.

As one Instagram user posted:

“Not many people can say they have dined barefoot in the middle of a waterfall. Well at the Labassin Waterfall in the Phillipines, you can do just that!

Look, no spoons! You’ll have to use your bare hands while eating here.

Source: hungrycakes

Sounds like an exciting place to check out? Well go book that flight to the Phiippines and see for yourself!


Resort Hotel Built Inside Quarry, 100 Yards Beneath Ground Level In Shanghai

A five star hotel is currently being built in an abandoned quarry in China – and it even has underwater guest rooms!

Donna Marie Padua



China’s construction industry is booming. After inspiring the world with their 3D printed houses, the country now has a new structure to boast.

The Songjiang Quarry Hotel, also known as the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, is definitely one of China’s most inventive construction projects. The five star hotel has been put up in an abandoned quarry at the foot of Tianmenshan Mountain in Songjiang District, Shanghai. The outcome of the project has certainly placed the 90+ meter high scrap land into an amazing use.

A luxurious hotel that will boast a world class leisure complex is almost completed and it is situated deep in an abandoned quarry!

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Study Reveals the World’s Least and Most Stressful Cities of 2017

Do you live in one of these cities? Do you agree or disagree?

Mark Andrew



Stress can be triggered by a lot of different things – it could be your job, an emotional challenge, or many opthers. Apparently though, where you live can also be a factor.

According to a new study conducted by UK’s Zipjet, a person can be less or more stressed depending on what city he lives in the world. The research revealed the world’s least and most stressful cities of 2017. Factors considered in the study included everything from public transport and traffic levels, to green space percentage and citizen’s financial status, to infrastructure and pollution levels, to safety and many others.

Zipjet studied 500 locations and gathered information based on 17 categories.

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Your Gigantic Face Printed On Your Luggage Might Be Outrageous But It’s Actually Genius

It’s horrifying but practical. Trust us!




For frequent flyers, suitcases are nothing but essential. And when on important trips, nothing's more inconvenient than taking forever to spot your luggage in a sea of similar-looking travel bags. Sure, luggage tags or bright-colored ribbons are helpful but not that much. If you really want to make your suitcase stand out, maybe it's time you try a new and unique travel case.

Firebox, a London-based online retailer that specializes in unique items, is selling Head Case - a stretchable and customizable travel case that can fit luggage of different sizes. What makes it unique? Well, Head Case literally puts a giant picture of your head onto your suitcase, making it easier to find and deterring anyone who might want to steal it.

Buyers can customize their travel case with a headshot of their choosing.

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