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This Inflatable Backpack Is So Durable It’s Probably The Only Bag You Will Ever Need





We’ve recently heard about the inflatable Capsula backpack and, frankly, we’re absolutely blown away. The video below, shared by Unilad on Facebook, has been making rounds on social media and it shows the bag’s unusual durability.

As you will see, the backpack gets thrown from a second floor window and the tablet inside it remains protected and undamaged. It gets used by a swimmer and it floats on water. It gets hammered several times and it survives even that!

Yes, this tough backpack is probably the only bag you will ever need in your life.


Source: Capsula

The official Capsula website shares us the secret behind this awesome product:

“We’ve developed an inflatable bag that uses air to offer a completely new backpack experience.

“All you need is air.”

According to their website, the backpack is “built in totally waterproof material to protect all the things you love and care for.”


Source: Capsula

On top of that, the internal modular bags allow you to “organize your space and belongings with modular cases of different shapes and sizes.”

Moreover, the bag has a double handling system which makes it easy to adjust it depending on your preference or style.


Source: Capsula

You can either use it as a backpack or as a hand luggage.

Once inflated, the backpack can float on water so you can bring your belongings with you wherever you go.


Source: Capsula

The watertight technology even maintains the bag’s internal temperature, making it perfect for food and drinks.

Of course, it also has anti-theft special zip to keep your valuables secure – and many other features that will leave you amazed.


Source: Capsula
Watch the video here and see for yourself:

The Greatest Backpack Ever Made

This is hands down the greatest backpack ever made ??

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pretty impressive, huh? This would be great for travels and outdoor adventures.

For more information about the product, go check out the Capsula website. You can also support the project on their Kickstarter page.

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