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Adorable Paper Bookmarks Allow Readers to Grow Mini Forests or Cities

Create your own little world on top of your book!


Whether you’re a bookworm or not, these charming sticky page markers designed by Tokyo-based British designer Duncan Shotton will let you create a miniature world on top of your book.

Reading long novels or references can be quite boring, but adding these extremely stylish bookmarks will make you want to revisit the important pages of your book. The sticky page markers come in different themes; for instance, the New York City pack comes with the iconic Empire State building with a furious King Kong on top, the Statue of Liberty, yellow cabs, and the rest of the concrete jungle. On the other hand, the Tokyo-themed pack includes the Skytree, the Tokyo tower, other famous landmarks in the city, and of course, Godzilla!

What’s even more exciting is that you can mix and match these sticky page markers to create your own little world.

“My mission is to create products that engage users emotionally, promote happiness and ensure people love what they’re doing, wherever they are, and whoever they’re there with,” Shotton wrote on his website.

Transform your book into a relaxing forest.


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
“In New York,  concrete jungle where dreams are made of”


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
A smiling Godzilla, Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and a rainbow. …


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
I guess you’ll never really know what to expect in Tokyo…


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
These aliens have invaded your book!


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
Here’s the latest sighting of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
Hong Kong


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
Brighten up your gloomy sky with these white clouds and rainbow.


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
Shark attack!
Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
London’s historical landmarks and the iconic double-decker bus


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
Here are some cute penguins to brighten up your book!


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton
Mix And Match Sticky Page Markers


Photo credit: Duncan Shotton

Source: Bored Panda


10 Amazing Facts About the Human Body That Will Make You Go WOAH!

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When 40-year-old author, motivational speaker, and single mom Elizabeth Diamond died in April 2015 after battling with cancer, she left behind 4 young girls--Tara, Samona, Ella, and Lilyan. Elizabeth devoted her life to helping people and was also a proud board member of the Buffalo Wellness Center.

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