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14 Adorable Photos Of Newfoundlands That Prove They Are Hilarious Dogs





All dogs are created equal. However, Newfoundland dogs might be a truly special case. These large working dogs can sometimes be blissfully unaware of their own size and prone to doing goofy things. Not surprisingly, several Newfie owners have shared hilarious photos of their beloved gentle giants and they are all adorable.

Newfoundland dogs make great family pets because of their calm and sweet nature as well as their loyalty to their owners. Interestingly, they are also known for their goofy personality which is perfectly displayed in these adorable photos.

#1. #Twinning

Source: newfy

If you’ve ever wondered just how big Newfies can get, here’s a gorgeous pooch with a pony.

#2. #NotABear

Source: lioranvl

This adorable guy has to wear a safety vest so everyone can tell he’s just an overgrown pooch.

#3. Just A Puppy!

Source: reddit

All Newfies love to pretend they’re lapdogs, even if the available lap is a tad too small.

#4. He’s Only 16 Months Older Than The Baby!

Technically, the big guy is still a puppy!

#5. “Can I Have Some More?”

Source: Bored Panda

One bowl of goodies simply isn’t enough for this adorable giant.

#6. Is That A Bear? It Looks Like A Bear.

Source: maz-o

That’s actually just a Newfoundland playing on the grass but we’re not totally convinced.

#7. When You Find The Perfect Spot And Decide You Want To Live There Forever

Source: jaydeejj

Newfies love snow and will take every opportunity to stay outside during winter.

#8. “Hello There, Little Guy!”

Source: Thesmithos

This adorable guy is clearly amazed by the Chihuahua’s size.

#9. Again, We’re Not Thoroughly Convinced That’s Not A Bear.

Good luck trying to keep this guy off the counter.

#10. We Weren’t Kidding About Newfies Believing They’re Lapdogs.

Source: wtwerner

He sits even though he barely fits.

#11. Yep, That’s A Lapdog, Alright.

Poor Dad is reportedly smiling although his ribs are being crushed.

#12. Also, We Were Serious About The Snow Thing.

If there’s snow, there’s a Newfie somewhere trying to lie down on it.

#13. How Many Newfies Can Fit On A Queen-Sized Bed?

Source: Bored Panda

Just one, but they’re also open to cuddling.

#14. Overall, Newfoundlands Are The Cutest And Goofiest Dogs Ever.

Here’s a sweet head tilt to complete your Newfoundland Appreciation day.

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