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9 Ways Japan Did Utterly Bad At English Translations





Almost all people in this world will agree that Japan is a beautiful country. It would not be coined the Land of the Rising Sun for nothing anyway. Heck, using the term ‘beauty’ to describe it is even an understatement.

While Japan is known for a lot of interesting things (i.e. music, cuisine, art, etc.), it is also known for the weirdest stuff in the planet. Because seriously, making shirts with bad English translations is just off the charts. Well, we have critcrawl to thank for that.

The Imgur user recently went to Japan to, say, take a vacation or something. But to his surprise, he was greeted with megatons of shirts all displaying bad English translations. It is either they were lazy to do a quick Google translation or they were simply having a bad day at that time. Not convinced? Take a dive below.

1. The most what now?

Source: Critcrawl
2. It just gets better, right?

Source: Critcrawl

Okay, for the third one let’s, yeah, give it the benefit of the a doubt. Nah. Not really. Still doesn’t make sense. Like who the heck is this dainty protagonist?

3.Someone must have missed his English class.

Source: Critcrawl

They say laughter is the best medicine, and this next shirt is exactly that medicine.

4. How dare you ask such?

Source: Critcrawl
5. This shirt is literally ‘lost in translation.’.

Source: Critcrawl
6. Yup, this one, too.

Source: Critcrawl

While some are somewhat understandable, others are just plain confusing. One might even think that these translations came from an ancient spell or something. Oh, Japan, why?

7. No matter how you rotate this photo, you would still get the same result.

Source: Critcrawl
8. Who knows? This could be a song lyric!

Source: Critcrawl

And for the finale… calling all New Yorkers out there. Japan might just have the perfect shirt for you

9. Well, at least, they got the hipster reference right. Wait, did they?

Source: Critcrawl
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