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7 Most Important Beauty Hacks You Need to Know





Ladies love make up and there are many ways on how to apply each kind of makeup, what brand is best for each skin type, what style is in fashion and the list goes on. Women love to spend time getting the perfect style to make them look more beautiful and natural.

These beauty hacks will save your time from spending hours trying to figure out the perfect way to look more appealing and it will also save your money by buying the perfect item for you.

Here are just 7 of the most important beauty hacks you need to know:

#1. Use Peppermint to Plump Your Lips

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A natural way to plump your lips is by putting pure peppermint oil in your lip gloss. This is more effective than trying other products that promise to plump up your lips but fail, some even had bad side effects like allergies. Just a drop of peppermint oil to your lip gloss will make your lips fuller! Remember to exfoliate your lips before putting the peppermint oil to become more effective. Peppermint oil can stimulate the circulation in your lips that’s why it plumps up.

#2. Remember: Foundation 1st step. Concealer 2nd step.

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If you use concealer first before foundation, the result will be cakey. You will be using more foundation to fix the cakey effect but most of the time it is still visible. To avoid that, You must first apply foundation using your foundation brush; make sure it is even. Then put concealer on your blemishes. Try to use your fingers to blend it well.

#3. Use Fire to Fix Broken Lipstick

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Got a broken or melted lipstick? Don’t throw it away! To repair a broken lipstick, all you need is a lighter (fire). Run the lighter under the base of the broken lipstick quickly and then attach the broken piece in to the base. Be sure not to melt the lipstick while lighting it. Seal the edges of the lipstick by using a small stick like a toothpick and then refrigerate the lipstick for an hour.

#4. Revive Your Dried Eye Liner by Using an Eye Drops

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Put 3 drops of your Eye drops in the dried eye liner. Use a clean brush to mix it together and then use cotton buds to clean the rim of the container and smoothen it further. Now, you can use it as good as new. No need to buy a new one.

#5. Use Brush To Define Your Eyebrows Perfectly

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Use the brush as guide for your arch. First, Hold the brush parallel to the same side of the nose, the brow should start there. Next, hold your brush parallel from the bottom tip of your nose to the outside part of the pupil. The highest part of the arch should b there. Last, Hold your brush at the bottom side of your nose to the top corner, outside edge of your eyes. That is where the brow ends. Then, use a slanted eyebrow brush to outline and shade your brows completely!

#6. Make Your Lipstick Last All Day by Using Translucent Powder

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We don’t like to reapply our lipstick from time to time. First step is to exfoliate your lips and then use a lip primer. Next, use a reverse lip line so the lipstick will not bleed afterwards. Then, remember to use a lip brush when applying lipstick to properly define the lips. After, Use a tissue to lightly blot your lips and remove excess lipstick. Lastly, set and seal the color by putting a clean tissue on your lips and then dusting a translucent powder on it. Voila, it can last all day!

#7. How to Apply the Basics: Foundation, Concealer, Highlights, Contour

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First step is to moisturize your skin. Second, start applying foundation at the center of your face and then work outwards; from center to cheek continuing down the chin going to the jaw line and then the neck. This will make your foundation look very even and natural. After putting foundation, this is the time you should put concealer. Apply concealer under the eyes and then to the blemishes that you need to cover. Next step is to apply highlights under the brow arch and cheek bones then apply contour at hairline and jaw bone to emphasize facial structure. Lastly, apply powder to lock make up, again begin at the center of your face and work outwards. Glow Naturally!

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