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Subway Cleaner Hears Pleas For Help, Rushes To Save A Life





They say everything happens for a reason, and that’s precisely what happened to Vincent Seals. He was supposed to have the day off but decided to pick up an extra shift and ended up being a hero.

Seals works for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, cleaning trains at the end of the line at a station near San Francisco. Now, he is being praised after he saved a man’s life.

Shortly after midnight of Oct. 29, Seals heard his co-worker calling for help at the eastern Dublin-Pleasanton station platform. He ran over, and she pointed to the location of the man.

Seals boarded the train and discovered an unconscious man in a seat, slumped over and not moving or breathing.

He said:

“I checked for a pulse. I didn’t feel one so I put my ear to his mouth to see if I could hear or feel his breath and I couldn’t. His lips had already turned blue at that point, so I picked him up and laid him on the floor (of the car) to start CPR.”

Seals kept telling the 20-year-old passenger that he needed to breathe and to follow his voice as he performed CPR on him. He was determined to get him breathing again.

Luckily for the passenger, Seals knew how to perform CPR because of a previous job. He began administering the medical technique and even though the passenger had a faint pulse and sometimes even faded, he didn’t give up. By the time paramedics arrived, the passenger already regained consciousness, thanks to Seals. But he was still taken to the hospital for a proper check-up.

After his heroic act, Seals shared that his bosses were very pleased with that he did. He said that they thanked him and told him he did a good job.

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