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5 Ways to Avoid Headaches on Planes





The last thing you would ever want while traveling is a really bad headache. Also called “aviation headache,” this is caused by the change in altitudes as the airplane ascends or descends. It’s bad enough that you had to go through a “headache” dealing with long security lines, or connection delays at the airport so to have a real headache is never welcome.

Aviation headache happens because of the inflammation of the paranasal sinusitis cavities that. This is caused by the difference in air pressure in and out of the body. To avoid or at least lessen the severity of this type of headache, do the following:

1. Take ibuprofen prior to your flight

1. Take ibuprofen prior to your flight

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If you happen to be prone to aviation headaches, take a tablet of ibuprofen one to two hours before your flight. If you’re just feeling that a headache might be coming while already on board the aircraft, waste no time in taking a tablet.

2. Skip food that will trigger the headache

2. Skip food that will trigger the headache

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Yes, there are specific food that can trigger the pain pathways. Some of the food to skip within a 12-24 hour window from your flight are the following: cheese, red wine, chocolate, and processed meat. These contain the chemical compound tyramine that signals the pain pathways for those who are predisposed to having migraines or headaches.

3. Avoid sugary drinks and dark alcohol

3. Avoid sugary drinks and dark alcohol

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This is actually a no-brainer. Instead of opting for drinks such as coffee, red wine, or anything else alcoholic, drink lots of water to prevent getting dehydrated. We cannot stress how important it is to keep drinking water to remain hydrated especially for long haul flights.

4. Ward off the motion sickness

4. Ward of the motion sickness

If you are sensitive to motion sickness, always pack your medication so you don’t have to suffer from a migraine, too. Not only do you get to save yourself from the discomfort, you also protect your seatmate from your stomach queasiness.

5. Pack your comfortable sleep gear

5. Pack your comfortable sleep gear

This is most important if you’re flying long haul. The lack of sleep can automatically trigger bad migraines which you wouldn’t want to experience.

Avoid the discomfort a migraine brings when you travel. The last thing you’d want is being unable to enjoy your vacation because you’re not feeling well.

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