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40 of the Most Genius Life Hacks To Save Time and Money





With how difficult life can be, we can’t help but think of ways to make things a bit easier for us. While some are just too impossible to overcome, we still find happiness in others. Either way, this gave birth to life hacks – a set of simple solutions to our constant dilemmas in everyday life.

Life hacks, however, are not necessarily a “one-time solution.” Still we say their efficiency is worth the effort. If you want to change the way you do things, then better scroll down. Below are some of the most genius life hacks – and you’ll surely be thankful you read them.

#1. In case you lose your dog.

Source: BoboMatrix
#2. When you want to have the exact same holes.

Source: Robertokpi
#3. How to seal any bag like a pro.

Source: gokuflip100
#4. Tired of those pesky squirrels eating bird seeds? Do this.

Source: iBleedorange
#5. How to make use of your kid’s LEGO toys.

Source: xkkt
#6. Sandpit you say? Here.

Source: yepright
#7. If you’re thinking of moving and want to transport your clothes easily.

#8. Here’s how to keep your dog still when giving him a bath.

Source: Reddit
#9. When you want to make sure that “everyone is included.”

#10. I can’t even…

Source: fghjjkl54
#11. This kid knows how to use a leaf blower the right way.

Source: prodiG
#12. Call this stupid, but it actually works.

Source: XiKiilzziX
#13. The so-called “coffee freshness hack.”

Source: EljenJorn
#14. Life hack or lazy? Either way, it’s still genius.

#15. How to keep your spare key from missing.

#16. Just one of the many ways to make stockings more useful.

#17. Just another improvised garbage bin.

Source: bobret
#18. How to actually save room when hanging clothes.

Source: imissbigmacs
#19. Want to get all of that Nutella out? Try this ice cream trick.

Source: btm909
#20. Oh, yes, you can definitely use Facebook live to monitor those baby chickens.

Source: baker2002
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