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4 Yummy Plant-Based Water That Make Hydrating Much Cooler





It’s turning out to be a truly hot summer and people are looking for cool new ways to stay hydrated. You’ll be excused for wanting to guzzle a gallon of cold water these days but it looks like there are some delicious alternatives. Plant-based waters are turning into a yummy way to beat the heat. In addition to their hydrating properties, they are also easy to find.

You might be tempted to swap regular water for the plant-based kind. However, experts are quick to point out that drinking water is still important. In the meantime, here are four delicious and hydrating plant-based water you should try today.

Coconut Water

People swear by this natural alternative because of its hydrating properties. Experts even recommend replacing sports drinks with coconut water since it contains natural electrolytes and isn’t loaded with sugar. The best coconut water still comes directly from the fruit. You can also get the bottled kind but check the label for added sugar.

Aloe Vera Water

Aloe vera is already known for its healing properties and moisturizing effect on skin but it looks like the plant has even more benefits.

Experts say that aloe vera water can actually help deal with your digestive issues. Just make sure that you are drinking aloe vera water since the plant’s juices can cause constipation.

Birch Water

Looking for something that is both hydrating and good for your teeth? Birch water contains xylitol, which prevents cavities. In addition to that, it can aid in calcium absorption and has antioxidants.

Barley Water

Barley water might be the healthiest plant-based water drink. This beverage is high in fiber and helps balance out gut bacteria. Barley water can also lower your cholesterol and blood sugar. Not surprisingly, the yummy drink could also keep you satisfied much longer than regular water, which leads to weight loss.

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