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30 Of The Most Heartbreaking Food Fails Of All Time

You can only imagine the pain of going through all of these.






Take away anything but food, and I think most will agree. There is just nothing compared to the satisfaction that one can get from them. However, not everyone is lucky all the time. Food can sometimes be a disappointment especially if it does not meet one’s expectation.

Think about those iced coffees that are literally just ice. Or how about those cookies that are mostly dough with little to no sugar. They are just horrible.

If you think you have experienced the worst, you probably have not seen these mishaps. The list below shows us how unkind food can be. We can only imagine the frustrations of these poor souls.

#1. Ha! Obviously, you would want more of the orange than green.

#2. This is not a product of Photoshop, okay? Heck, calling them small is perhaps an understatement.

#3. It is almost like the zombie apocalypse is here.

#4. Too much of everything is dangerous, but this one? It is off the charts!

#5. Seriously, the baker who made this should be put into prison.

#6. Clearly, you have been duped.

#7. This should absolutely ruin your childhood.

#8. Dude, you had one job! One job!

#9. What in actual f…

#10. Go home, vending machine. You are drunk.

#11. Sometimes, you cannot help but praise the guy who made this.

#12. Just another Marketing 101.

#13. It is either the cone melted (which is insane) or they just forgot to include it.

#14. Since when did Cheetos become this?

#15. Believe it or not, this is a blueberry waffle. Seriously, it is.

#16. Ah, the horrors.

#17. What do you call canned beans with no beans but water? Garbage.

#18. Does it matter? Of course, it does!

#19. How dare they call it potato chip? It’s not even close.

#20. Nailed it.

#21. When life gives you lemon, make a… nevermind.

#22. When they say salted nuts, they actually mean salt.

#23. Your life described in one picture.

#24. It looks good from the outside, but not-so yummy from the inside.

#25. This is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to your day.

#26. “That explains why it weighs heavy, Barry.”

#27. The justice system of America, people.

#28. Calling this chocolate chip ice cream is a crime.

#29. The person who did this got lazy and decided to mess things up.

#30. Great advertising you got there, Kellogg’s.

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#1 I wonder if they still get customers with that name.

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