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Expectations vs Reality When You Reach 30





The time before 30 is when you let yourself discover the things that you want in life. It’s the time when you chase both your small dreams and big dreams. As you grow older, you learn the lessons that will help you navigate through life.

They say that by the time you reach 30, life is going to be different. You get to decide on what you want to do at that certain stage, and most likely, your decision will shape the rest of your life. Usually, this is the time when you begin to establish a career and be serious about everything else.

If you are already past 30, take a moment and think about your life now and then. Think about the lessons in life that you have absorbed along the way. The illustrations below will help you remember the time when most things didn’t matter at all.

When you reach 30, your priorities change overnight.

lfe-before-30 1

Source: brightside
Then, slowly, you will no longer miss your old life because you get used to what you have now.

lfe-before-30 2

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You will slowly lose your vanity…

lfe-before-30 3

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Along the way, you realize you are no longer doing the things that you used to do when you were younger.

lfe-before-30 4

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And other people’s opinions no longer mean anything to you. There are so many more important things to think about now.

lfe-before-30 5

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The midlife crisis kicks in until reality strikes you that you are not getting any younger.

lfe-before-30 6

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Most people’s social circles diminish when they reach 30.

lfe-before-30 7

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And traveling no longer includes exciting moments in a cheap hostel.

lfe-before-30 8

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And at night, you no longer prepare yourself to go for a night out – you prepare yourself to hit the sack because tomorrow is going to be another busy day at the office.


Source: brightside
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