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25 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Easy on the Pocket




12. Bike chain bowl


Who would’ve though a bike chain can also be used as a home accessory? This bike chain bowl retails for $84. It can be placed in your living room or just a quirky gift for a cycling enthusiast friend.

11. Kids edition tablet


The Fire tablet is a perfect gift for your kids. It comes in 8 or 16GB internal storage, has unlimited and free access to over 10,000 child-friendly books, shows, educational apps, TV shows and games. It also comes in a kid-proof case. Oh, and it also has a 2-year warranty.

10. Camera


There are cameras that aren’t expensive, and one of them happens to be Nikon’s Compact Digital Camera. If you’re okay with a refurbished one, that works just as awesome as a new camera, try getting this instead.

9. Herb garden


Family members who love gardening will be giddy when they receive this stackable herb garden sold by Mr. Stacky. It’s a space-saving way to go green.

8. Poker set


Got a friend who loves poker? Get him this Da Vinci poker set. The chips weigh 11.5 grams and gives you the authentic casino feel.

7. Anti-theft backpack


Kopack’s backpack is great for those who love to travel or commute. It’s theft-proof, with zippers deftly sealed, anti-scratch material, with bubble foam padded layer for added shock absorption. Cool, right?

6. Snorkel kit


For the friend who just loves the water, this snorkel kit will make a great gift. For only $29 you have a 2-window mask, splash top with hydro-adhesion technology and of course, the fins.

5. Solar charger


The best thing about this charger is that it’s water-proof and shock-proof. This 10,000 mAH solar charger has over-charge protection to ensure extension of battery life.

4. Pillow case set


HOSL throw pillow cases are stylish, lightweight, durable and most importantly, very affordable. Each pillow case is 44 x 44 cm. You can stack them in your living room, bedroom, dresser and even in your car.

3. Star Was shower head


Family and friends who happen to be avid fans of the movie series will love this quirky gift. The R2-D2 shower head is made of high-quality metal and has different spray patterns. Its efficient design reduces water usage without limiting power, helping you save up on money.

2. Tea gift set


The Wissotzky tea set offers an array of 80 assorted teas to choose from. There are eight lovely flavors to choose from, packed individually in colorful tea bags and held in a beautiful, handcrafted wooden box.

1. Chocolate fountain


A perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves chocolates. This 3-level fountain can hold up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate and creates an elegant flow of yummy goodness. Family and friends can enjoy dipping their favorite fruits, candies and cookies in this chocolate fountain.

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