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30 Times Trolls Gave the Best Christmas Gifts Ever

I cannot stop laughing at #8. LOL!






The holidays are finally over but the fun is not just yet. There are still tons of people out there celebrating with their friends, families, and loved ones. And there are also trolls who are yet to be done with their shenanigans. Besides, why stop when the fun is just starting?

When it comes to gifts, we can all agree that we love this sort of stuff. And with Christmas being known to be a time for selflessness and generosity, it is definitely perfect opportunity to showcase your love. Trolls, however, see it very differently. For them, it is the right time to give gift-giving a twist.

Below is a compilation of some of the funniest and worst gifts received by people during the holidays. See them for yourself!

#1. There is a reason why this one is on top.

Source: icantdrive75
#2. When you challenge grandma for the “100 Things From Dollar Store” challenge.

Source: AceWayne4
#3. “Shirtception” is a thing.

#4. Sometimes, it is about the way you wrap it.

Source: sthone
#5. How to make the your iPhone present a bit more exciting.

#6. Seriously, Dad?

Source: ShitMax
#7. A mask of myself as a gift? Hell yeah!

Source: poetrying
#8. Brother knows best.

Source: Lictalon
#9. Dad, who is an electrician, asked for a new wire stripper for Christmas — but I have the dirtiest mind.

Source: mrwizard1000
#10. When you have a weird graphic designer sister.

Source: smellypants
#11. 100 zipties and it is all worth it!

Source: granthalamew
#12. Every year me and my friend try to find the most useless gift ever. This one did not disappoint.

Source: saraahfry
#13. How to keep people from opening their gifts early.

Source: whosdadog
#14. How a mom wrapped her daughter’s rug for Christmas.

Source: pvsa
#15. Looks like this girl did not get her Frozen gifts request.

#16. What do you get from your parents when you still live with them?

Source: cheetahkk
#17. Dad, this one’s for you.

#18. When you ask for a 6ft Teddy Bear and what you get is this.

Source: Reddit
#19. Perfect gift from a friend who is on a wheelchair.

Source: boomdeeyada
#20. Because “I LOVE GRANDPA” is too mainstream.

#21. So, you really think you got what you asked for?

#22. My brother had his testicle removed due to cancer, and I think this shirt is perfect.

Source: van_ghost
#23. My son asked for beats this Christmas. I delivered.

Source: granobo
#24. How to make the nicest gift horrible. Wife did not know it contains an expensive necklace.

Source: lardman1
#25. A Darth Vader gift for my dad, but I seriously do not know where to put the light saber.

Source: Snoozinmas
#26. Poor kids. Their presents were buried, so they have to dig to get them.

#27. You asked for Bitcoins, right?

Source: S1ic3dBr3ad
#28. My amputee brother definitely did not like his present.

#29. This is what happens when you tell your friends that you like squirrels.

Source: Yegend
#30. Come to think of it: It is a present from my dad.

Source: iDraxis

We are pretty sure you love these Christmas gifts for their comedic value. Well, in any case, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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