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25 Unique Gift Ideas That Are Easy on the Pocket

Christmas gift-giving doesn’t have to be expensive. With this unique gift list, you can now get all your family and friends something for the holidays.


Christmas is just around the corner and for those of you who are still looking for Christmas gifts for your loved ones, better get a move on already if you don’t want to be part of the holiday rush. Gifts tend to get more expensive as Christmas draws near because people tend to pick out the first thing they see instead of sorting through the racks.

The great news is that there are still gift ideas that are wallet-friendly. Hopefully, you get to see something you like in this list. All of them are for a hundred dollars or even less!

25. Electric trimmer and shaver


For the special man in your life, the Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver is a godsend. Its unique technology integrates both a fast moving cutter and dual protection for a comfortable shave.

24. Echo Dot


Easy access to music? The Echo dot, also known as “smart speaker”, is a hands-free, voice-controlled, device that also has a built in speaker. It is connected to the Alexa Voice Service for easy playing of music, news, sports, etc.

23. Women’s travel watch


You can never go wrong with a watch for a gift. For the women in your life who love to travel, this travel watch is absolutely perfect. It features faux leather wrist band and is available in several colors. Oh, and it’s just for $3.96.

22. Perfume


Women love perfume. The Guess Eau de Parfum Spray for women is a perfect fragrance no matter the occasion. It also happens to have one of the best reviews in Amazon.

21. Children’s keyboard


For the aspiring musicians in the family, the 44-key Casio SA-76 keyboard is the perfect gift. It has the essentials a child needs as he learns his way through music.

20. Resistance bands sets


Help get your friend lead a healthy life with URBNFit Resistance Bands Sets. It comes in a set of door anchor, 2 wrist straps, ankle strap, carrying bag and even an exercise guide. There’s no excuse not to have a workout.

19. Key finder


If you have a friend who’s the type to lose their keys, Tile’s smart device, Tile Mate is the perfect gift. It has a hole where you can attach almost anything apart from your keys. Use your phone to make Tile Mate ring if you can’t find it.

18. Personalized whiskey barrel


American Oak Barrel came up with something special for the holidays. Beautifully engraved and even carefully handcrafted from only the best American White oak, this personalized whiskey barrel can be reused for up to 8 years. The barrel enables you to age your own choice of spirit.

17. Outdoor fondue set


Add zest to outdoor cooking for your friends who love to cook. This outdoor fondue set allows you to enjoy cheese fondue on picnics or even just the garden. Its steel frame keeps the fondue warm and perfect.

16. Spy pen


Bond fans are surely gonna love this gift! Apart from the fact that you can use it like any writing tool, it also has a built-in HD camera that can capture high resolution pictures and videos. It’s pretty easy to use and doesn’t need any software installation.

15. Swiss army knife


Any man or woman would love a reliable pocket knife for a gift. Victorinox Swiss army knives have just about everything your dad, uncle or boyfriend will ever need.

14. Kettle grill


The Weber kettle grill has about 363 square inches in cooking space, making barbecue weekends awesome. It’s priced at $99 and has a 10-year warranty.

13. World atlas coffee


Coffee loving friends are sure to love this book by James Hoffman. It even features step-by-step brewing tutorials your friends can follow.


13 Photos that Show How Different a Woman’s Body Can Look at the Same Weight

Here’s definitive proof that two women who weigh the same can have very different bodies.

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It's because of this that many women feel like they need to change their diet and exercise routine to be within the weight category that they feel is "ideal." However, it must be noted that weight doesn't necessarily reflect a person's level of fitness. For instance, a physically fit and toned woman can weigh more than a woman who has a fuller figure. They may look completely different, but if you look at the numbers on the scale, you might imagine they're the same.

So to drive the point home that lighter doesn't always mean skinnier and bigger doesn't always mean heavier, here are 13 images form MyBodyGallery that illustrate just how different two women with the same weight can look!

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So when it comes to social skills that can get you a date, a new friend, or the approval of your boss, here are 18 tips that can get you through.

1. Make people feel included.

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Disappointed MMA Fighter Punches Ring Girl After Losing Match


MMA fighters have different reactions when losing fights. Some hang their heads in disappointment. Some maintain a poker face to hide their emotions. Some actually break down and cry. This fighter lashed out in frustration - which is quite a common reaction - but the end result is not. He punched a ring girl standing right beside him.

It's fortunate that he did so unintentionally and the whole thing was just an accident. But it was still quite a sight to see.

Andrew Whitney, all known as The Beast, was standing beside the referee waiting for the decision on his fight with Farkhad Sharipov (who was standing on the other side) at Titan Fight Championship 42. Whitney was on a four-fight winning streak and judging from the way the TV cameras were focusing on him, he was expected to win the bout.

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