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How To Dematerialize Christmas With The Three-Gift Rule

Spare yourself from wasted time and money and make your children appreciate what they receive on Christmas with the three-gift rule.

Donna Marie Padua





It’s the time of the year again when people go on a shopping spree to grab items they would wrap as gifts. And since Christmas has always been tagged as the day for children, the kids are at the top of our lists when we go to the mall to look for giveaways.

As we receive extra money on Christmas, we tend to spend every cent on shopping for gifts. In fact, we tend to grab just about anything cute we see on the shelves without realizing they aren’t useful at all and would just end up being tacked in a corner after New Year.

It’s time to shop for Christmas gifts again.


It can be acceptable for parents to want to treat their kids to extras during the holidays since it is just once a year that they can open gifts. But apparently, overwhelming our kids with numerous gifts on Christmas is not just impractical as studies claim that presents beyond three items won’t even be remembered by children.

But in giving gifts to children, you should consider the three-gift rule for good reasons.

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So it might be a good suggestion to stick with the 3-gifts Christmas rule. Studies suggest that buying fewer gifts for children- three to be exact – is all they need. After three gifts, children become simply enthralled in opening gifts than being excited about what is inside the boxes. It would then be just a waste of time and money to buy things that won’t even be paid attention to by children.

The gift-giving strategy suggested by practical parents will not only save you money but more importantly, it will teach your kids to become more appreciative of everything they receive or in simple words, becoming content. Whether it is simple or cheap, giving them just three gifts will improve their attitude towards receiving presents. A plus to this is that we aren’t teaching the kids to become more demanding and grow as spoiled brats.

Experts say gifts beyond three items won’t be remembered by children.

Parents can put their own spin on this 3-gift rule. But one mother suggests a brilliant strategy on how to choose the things to give them. She revealed she always pick up something her kids have been begging for like toys and the other two items are something small and useful.

Mom blogger and personal finance expert Lauren Greutman also shares her own 3-gift rule categories. She wraps something her children wants, something they need and something they can wear. She also adds a fourth item which is something they can read, probably like a card or letter you wrote for them or educational books. Lauren explains on her blog site:

“Limiting the number of gifts given to three or four really makes me focus on choosing quality presents that convey my love without breaking my budget.”

Help children learn the true essence of Christmas with more family gatherings than gifts.

Giving away gifts surely make us feel wonderful as we can see how the items we pick make others happy and feel special. But like they say, too much of something already becomes bad. Teaching children about the true essence of Christmas is always much better than molding them to become materialistic. Besides, a good family bonding is still the best way to make the holidays magical and enjoy the heart-warming traditions the season brings.



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