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25 Awful Hairstyles That’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Bad Choices in Life

I don’t know for sure what these people are thinking!


“A woman’s hair is her crowning glory”, yes it is a cliché and it’s true. Much of a woman’s appearance can be influenced by how healthy and beautifully styled her hair is. Hair frames our faces; it can greatly define our assets and hide our liabilities. After all, women are generally criticized based on their appearance–hair included. Some men are equally particular when it comes to their hair. They also spend lots of money just to achieve that sharp, sexy look.

However, there are some people who are willing to take a risk when it comes to their “dos”. They dye their hair with bright colors and experiment with their hairstyles to look funky and cool. I admit, in some cases, it works.

But what about the men and women in the pictures below? Did they think that they can simply do whatever they want with their hair and get away with it? I guess they wanted to defy the norms and create a statement. What statement exactly? Well, you tell us about it because one thing’s for sure…these 25 pictures show the most ludicrous haircuts of 2015 ever!

1. Milk tea, anyone?


Photo credit: Twitter/ @Nada_Remah
2. Steer clear of people with sweet tooth, mate!


3. What’s on your mind dude?


Photo credit: Dailyhaha
4. You wanna see who?


Photo credit: Via Twitter @Pan7hers
5. “Once you pop…”


Photo credit: Twitter @samewing6
6. Say “Eh-oh!”


Photo credit: Twitter @tjjackson_23
7. Beware of Scrat!


Photo credit: Twitter @Jonahful
8. ‘Like ’em raw?


Photo credit: Twitter @TheLadBible
9. …and another for the sweet tooth!

cream puffs

10. He must’ve been a real tennis fan…


11. Love birds?


Photo credit: Twitter @YeetLeanMike
12. Avid sports fans!

12. The avid

Photo credit: Twitter @DBray15
13. Croissant, mademoiselle?


14. Burnt noodles?!


Photo credit: Twitter @_Rondo_
15. “Airwolf” or “Black Hawk Down”?


Photo credit: Twitter @dadsheelys
16. …and a landing strip for the chopper of course!


17. Ready to face Raditz?!


Photo credit: Twitter @CgSaintsFan
18. The apathetic look


Photo credit: Twitter @YoungAdolf
19. The young Dr. Phil


Photo credit: Twitter @Verdeclay
20. “Tthhhee Simmmpsooonnsss”


Photo credit: Twitter @TheeDemigod
21. Stairway to Heaven


Photo credit: Twitter @NiteLyfeTV
22. He is indeed open-minded!


23. He must’ve really loved Sunday school, eh?


24. This guy’s reliving his childhood days…


25. “I’m wide awake”


Photo credit: Dailyhaha
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So, care to have any of these hairstyles?


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