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20 Photos That Prove Things Don’t Always Go According To Plan

#8 is pretty funny.






Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Okay — probably that happens most of the time for some of us. When things don’t go as expected, it is completely normal to feel frustrated after your world got rocked.

However, you should remember that your plan is not the only good plan out there. Plus you’re probably not the only one having a bad experience anyway. Here are 20 photos that prove things don’t always go according to plan.

1. “So I found a frog, and I liked him, and then he attacked me.”

The question now is, did it turn into a prince?

2. A tattoo that gets bigger with every mistake.

3. “Decided today was the day for my first hike…and then made my way back to the car.”

4. “Tried to make brownies and almost succeeded.”

Keyword: “almost”

5. “Waited almost 14 years for this moment, and of course, I missed it.”

6. A “renovated” 19th-century building looks nothing like the original.

7. Vacuum problems.

I guess it’s time to change into curtains.

8. Uh oh…

Big mistake. Huge!

9. A school locker that is not even wide enough to fit your bag.

What is even the purpose of this?

10.  When you grew a beard to keep your face warm in the winter and this happens.

11. Not following instructions.
12. Where’s the right click?
13. Frozen beers.

14. Solved the puzzle five seconds after the buzz.

15. ROAR stands for…

16. Police officers did not seem too happy with new patrol cars.

17. If you forgot to check your pockets before doing laundry.

18. When you sabotage your own self.

19. Holding your drink while you eat.

“My University cafeteria swapped their cups out from flat bottomed ones to these cones. Now you have to hold your drink while you eat.”

20. No caption needed.

Have you experienced any fails on your personal plans lately? Tell us about in the comment section below!

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Grandma Drifts Off Out To Sea While Posing On A Throne-Shaped Iceberg

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A Texas grandmother lived out her dreams of royalty when she climbed atop a throne-shaped iceberg during a trip to Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland. She even got to be the queen of the oceans for a short time when the iceberg she sat on to pose for a picture drifted off to open water.

Judith Streng was on holiday with her son when she saw the ice chunk and wanted to strike some pose on it. But her icy throne was then swept away from the shore by a big wave, causing the 77-year-old grandma to drift out at sea and had to be rescued.

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So how do nurses cope with all these? A supportive family, some good friends, and a little bit of a twisted sense of humor. It's not easy being a nurse, nursing student, CNA. So to go through their tiring shift, they sometimes need a little laugh. Here are 30 funny nurse memes:

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Mark Andrew



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