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Man Proposes to Dream Girl Using 20 Luxury Cars, Still Gets Rejected





We’ve all read about many elaborate and romantic wedding proposals. One of those that stand out from my recent memory is that guy who proposed to his girlfriend during her birthday. With the help of family members, he eventually led her to a beach and showed a video footage of him doing random things (such as having breakfast, brushing his teeth, and cooking, among others) while proposing to her for 365 days. It’s really sweet and awesome.

And then there are sad, unfortunate proposal stories like this one from a guy in Shenzen, China.

This man got everyone’s attention on the streets when he rented 20 luxury cars to help him win the heart of Peng Yang, a 27-year-old TV star in China. He came out from one of the cars with a bouquet of flowers, did the traditional kneeling, and proposed to his dream girl.

Watch what happens here:

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Any girl would have been impressed but unluckily, Peng wasn’t – and she rejected him right then and there. Obviously shocked and embarrassed, she repeatedly covered her face with her palm and eventually had to walk away from the scene. The man, on the other hand, was left kneeling on the street with his flowers and the luxury vehicles behind him, among of which were a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz.

Since debuting on her TV career, Peng had been getting her share of admirers but says she still hasn’t found the one she wants to spend her life with. According to her, the guy who proposed to her was a childhood friend but she merely considers him as a brother.

For the guys out there, we hope this serves as a warning. If you’re planning to propose to a girl, at least make sure she is really into you, man!

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