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20 Hilarious Mug Shots of People Wearing The Wrong Shirts

Well this is both ironic and awkward!


While getting arrested is bad enough, it can get worse if you’re wearing the wrong shirt. Take it from these unfortunate people who probably weren’t expecting that they’d end up getting caught by law enforcers while rocking their respective outfits.

Eventually, mug shots had to be taken and, oh boy, the results turned out to be extremely hilarious and embarrassing.

So what do we exactly mean by that? Well, you gotta scroll down and see for yourself. Be warned, however, that you’ll probably laugh out loud while browsing these photos.

1. It would be funny if she was arrested for DUI.

Source: Fotozup
2. Probably not as clever as you think, buddy.

Source: List25
3. I definitely bet it does.

Source: List25
4. That shirt really isn’t helping him.

Source: 12thBlog
5. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

6. This guy is too honest.

Source: Oddee
7. I hope he wasn’t arrested for something related to that.

Source: Oddee
8. You and your brilliant ideas!

Source: Oddee
9. No, you’re not!

Source: Oddee
10. Thanks but no thanks.

Source: Oddee
11. Great timing wearing that shirt.

12. Well not for long.

Source: List25
13. We bet you do.

Source: List25
14. Role model of what?

Source: List25
15. Not this time, lady!

16. That face tells us everything.

17. Don’t listen to this woman. Here tips are ineffective.

Source: List25
18. That’s exactly what the police said…

Source: List25
19. I bet the cops spent more time investigating him.

Source: List25
20. WTF! This is so wrong.

#4 is really my favorite here. Also, I can’t stop laughing at #19!

So I guess some people are just born unlucky? Or is it really just all a bad case of timing? Either way, these crooks got us our needed daily dose of laughter so we might as well thank them for it.

Have a good day, everyone – and don’t do bad things!


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