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20 Healthy Food Myths We Believed for Years Finally Busted





There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to food. While some are proven to be true, others are just false.

There are so many studies and claims out there regarding what a “balanced” diet should be like. Add all those false information by family, the media, and even some health care practitioners to the mix and we end up being more confused than ever before. Here are 20 healthy food myths that we believed for years.

1. Fashion vs. Frowned upon

2. Idolized vs. demonized

3. Why choose a flavored drink when you can have the real thing?

4. “Junk foods” are not the only ones that cause obesity.

5. Drinking vs. eating oranges.

6. “Sugar causes obesity.”

7. Superfood vs. regular food

8. You can actually stretch the amount of calories in two days without starving yourself.

9. Skinny coffee vs. black coffee

10. I guess I’d rather have a bad day than a good snack.

11. Chips that are made of fruits are still chips.

12. After 6PM, a minute before 6PM, same thing.

13. I knew pasta is not pure evil.

14. Same calories, different taste.

15. So I paid extra on brown rice for nothing?

16. Always satisfy your hunger.

17. The homemade one looks more appetizing.

18. I can’t believe this!

19. When we thought the color of the bread matters.

20. Food is food.

Michelle Cady, integrative nutrition health coach of, said:

“So many women still fear eating fat, stemming from the low-fat craze that captivated the public in the ’80s and ’90s. But we got it wrong. When you increase your healthy fat intake and lower your intake of refined, white carbohydrates, you’ll stay satiated longer, stabilize your blood sugar, and teach your body to burn off extra body fat, rather than rely on quick bursts of carbs, sugar, and glucose for energy.”

The main point of this post is for all of us to not restrict ourselves from eating what we want to eat. Just as long as we don’t overdo it, then everything should be fine.

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