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20 of the Funniest Daddy Tweets You Will Ever Read

#11 is the best. LOL!

Mark Andrew





Fatherhood is an unusual adventure. Sure, it can be a challenging and, at times, an overwhelming responsibility but it is also very rewarding.

After a long day at work and then spending quality time with your child, nothing can compare to the feeling of hearing your little one whisper to your ears saying “I love you, Dad!” or “You’re my bestfriend, Daddy.”

Believe me. It’s a different kind of high.

Aside from sweet moments though, one of the things that make fatherhood worthwhile are the funny experiences. Dealing with kids, with their young, innocent minds, can lead to hilarious results.

This compilation of funny Dad tweets will show you exactly what I mean.

Go scroll down and, yes, feel free to laugh along the way!

#1. Scarier than a monster.


#2. The dilemma of naming a baby.


Source: Brian Gaar
#3. Goodnight.


Source: Nathan User
#4. Meatballs explained.


Source: Tim
#7. Wishing upon a star.


#8. Would’ve loved to see that nurse’s face!


#9. Looking at the bright side of things.


Source: Josh
#10. When the boy can finally reach the light switch.


#11. “Daddy, can I tell you a secret?”


Source: Daddy Jew
#12. The unsolvable mysteries of life…


Source: Matt Brennan
#13. I’d be up, too.


#14. Baby car seat troubles.


#15. Movie madness.


#16. Don’t dance!


#17. This is so hilarious.


Source: Nice Eric
#18. Kids, be warned.


Source: Goats?
#19. Dealing with a picky eater.


Source: Dave Lesser
#20. Explaining a dead deer.


Source: Abe Yospe

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20 Of The Most Creative Billboards Ever

Whoever made these ads deserve some raise!

Mark Andrew



With a little creativity, something as common and ordinary as a billboard can be a striking work of art. Well sure, we wouldn’t exactly categorize them up there with fine art masterpieces but this compilation of billboards below are, well, absolutely more than clever.

We couldn’t help but admire the wit and humor of the people who created these awesome ads. They’ve pushed the boundaries of traditional marketing and frankly, I think they need a well-deserved raise.

Scroll down and see for yourself:

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25 Genius Kids With Brilliantly Hilarious Test Answers

These kids will go somewhere!

Mark Andrew



Some kids these days are so smart, you’d be surprised with their thinking. Case in point, me and my 3-year-old son were reading a Peter Pan book one day and then we reached the part where The Lost Boys were introduced. My boy suddenly asked, “Why are they lost?” I casually answered “No, they’re not lost. That’s just their group’s name.” I, however, had to hold my laughter the rest of the time as I realized how ridiculous and funny his question was.

Such demonstration of young wit isn’t very uncommon nowdays. In fact, the compilation below will show you how smart and hilarious some kids can get.

Scroll down and have a good chuckle!

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25 Epic Facebook Status Fails That Will Surely Crack You Up

Not gonna lie. I spent 5 minutes laughing at these!

Mark Andrew



With the wealth of information easily available on the internet these days, one would wonder why stupidity still hasn’t been wiped away from the planet.

Case in point, these epic Facebook fails just prove that we, as humans, still have a long way to go. Some people are still quicker at typing than thinking – and it’s actually hilarious.

This list of 25 funny statuses will surely make you laugh non-stop. Or you'd probably cringe in disbelief and then do a massive facepalm.

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