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18 Inconsiderate People Who Just Have No Shame





None of us are angels, but most people have something that we call “consideration.” It’s not that hard of a virtue to have and all you have to do is to be careful with others and not to cause inconvenience or hurt their feelings.

Unfortunately, inconsiderate people are everywhere. Here are 18 people who just have no shame at all. Just a heads up: I suggest you should probably drink something to relax your nerves before checking out the list as these are very infuriating.

1. I can’t believe there are people who drive on fresh cement, despite the presence of fences.

2. Didn’t he learn some manners in school?

3. I know it’s a hot day and this area can relieve the heat, but this is just not right.

4. When someone tries to be a comedian on a special day. Not cute at all.

5. You’re not the only one who wants to watch the performance, you know.

6. People can be so disgusting.

7. When you thought everything is “free taste.”

8. This is unacceptable.

9. These people block the window seats for their own comfort, but this is public transportation.

10. “My husband wanted a bagel, apparently.”

11. Get a room.

12. Proof that not all cats are cute.
13. Who needs healthy and beautiful flowers anyway?

14. Is this supposed to be clever? More like childish to me.

15. Reality vs. expectation

16. Some people should learn how to be considerate.

17. The lines were there for a reason.
18. How did she even get her driver’s license?

It is safe to say that being considerate of others is an important part of what it means to be human. You don’t have to be a saint to treat people well. Respect is the key here.

Being considerate may seem like a very underrated virtue these days, but it certainly goes a long way.

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