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Disgruntled Passenger Shares Bad Flight Experience With Annoying Bare-Footed Woman

What would you do if someone rested his/her feet on your armrest?

Mark Andrew





A disgruntled aircraft passenger took her disappointment to the internet about her recent flight experience.

According to her, she felt uneasy throughout the 4-hour flight since the woman behind her rested her feet on her armrest the entire time. Annoyed by the lack of manners by the bare-footed woman, the affected passenger complained to the staff but unfortunately, she was told there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

Since she wanted to avoid any kind of argument, the woman simply took photos of the rude demeanor and then later posted them on Sina Weibo, a popular microblogging site in China.

It went viral from there.

Wu, an AirAsia passenger, complained about a woman who rested her feet on her armrest for the entire 4-hour flight.

disgruntled-airplane-passenger 1

The complainant, who went by the last name of Wu, said the inconsiderate passenger only took her feet down once – when she went to the bathroom.

Wu took the chance to speak with a Thai flight attendant about it but was promptly told:

“I’m sorry. We can’t do anything. They’re all Chinese.”

To sum it up, Wu had to bear with the woman’s feet on her armrest as they traveled via AirAsia from Bangkok, Thailand to X’ian, China.

To avoid having an argument with the annoying woman, Wu resorted to taking photos and sharing them online.

disgruntled-airplane-passenger 2

As the online photos began attracting a lot of attention, Wu was interviewed by a newspaper crew about why she did not attempt to talk directly to the passenger.

Wu replied:

“The passenger was travelling with a huge group of middle-aged women just like her. We were only two, and I was afraid my comments would cause an argument.”

On their end, AirAsia defended they weren’t even informed about the incident.

disgruntled-airplane-passenger 3

AirAsia, on the other hand, said they weren’t informed about the incident and so they were totally unaware about the problem.

Wu explained:

“I only wanted to post the pictures for my friends to see – I wasn’t planning to start a debate. I didn’t report the case to the airlines either, because I just thought it was water under the bridge. I hope the photos will remind others to be more disciplined in the future, and remember to show more consideration for others.”

What would you do if you were the affected passenger? Would you confront the annoying woman? Hit the comment section and tell us about it.


H/T: Mirror


Thanks To This Awesome Guy, Poor Kids In India Get The Chance to Ride A Plane For Just $1

This “flight to nowhere” is making waves in India for all the right reasons.

Mark Andrew



For just a measly price of $1, poor children in India actually get the chance to board an aircraft.

This has been made possible by Bahadur Chand Gupta, a retired aircraft engineer who dreamed of making the airplane experience possible even for impoverished Indians. He charges his passengers for a dollar or less, depending on how much they can afford. Actually, some passengers even get in for free.

The surprising plot twist here, however, is that the plane never takes off. Thus, it is known to many as the “flight to nowhere.”

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10 Magnificent Places That You Have To Visit At Least Once in Your Life

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous




Fancy hotels, exquisite food, and expensive flights - these are the things that come to our mind when we think of traveling. However, some people have a different perception of traveling - and it's nowhere near fancy.

You see, a calm sea and paved roads are not always enough. To feel the real spirit of adventure, we need to meet new people and explore unknown lands without the comfort that we have been so used to. That's the time that we can truly get to know a place, and most definitely ourselves - our inner strengths and weaknesses.

So, if you're contemplating about where to travel next, we'll make things a bit easier for you. Check out these ten breathtaking places, and see which one you would like to be ticked off your bucket list.

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Crazy Passenger Arrested After Trying To Open Plane Door At 33,000ft

32-year-old Kamila Dolniak forcibly tried to open one of the airplane doors.

Mark Andrew



Some passengers are either too inconsiderate or plainly too insane to be allowed to ride a plane.

Case in point, a woman on board a British Airways flight from London en route to the United States tried to do something crazy. Like forcibly opening the exit door while the aircraft was already at 33,000 ft.

I know that sounds terrifying but that’s exactly what happened on British Airways Flight 213, a Boeing 747 plane. The woman rushed to the door and attempted to turn its handle which immediately prompted crew members and passengers to hold her down.

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