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17 Times Terry Crews Proved He’s The Coolest Human Being





Terry Crews is basically a household name at this point. He’s a man who’s known for Old Spice commercials and being the rough and tough guy that no one wants to mess with.

Aside from being a genuine standup guy who looks as good as he does, he’s also a funny comedic actor. As it turns out, he’s just as entertaining off the set.

Here are 17 times Terry Crews proved he’s the coolest human being:

1. People use his intimidating photo to stop them from spending more money.

Terry liked the idea and kept the same picture inside his wallet too.

2. This girl wanted to take it up a notch and suggested Terry’s face should be on her credit card.

And Terry approved.

Is this card available yet? We need it as soon as possible.

3. He’s actually a really good artist.

4. Terry played in the actual NFL.

5. He’s very proud of his athletic roots.

Terry captioned it:

“So honored to be inducted into the Greater Flint African American Sports Hall of Fame at their 34th Annual Induction Ceremony on March, 25th!”

6. Despite his intimidating appearance, Terry is an amazing comedian. He is hilarious!

7. Just another proof that he can be scary and funny at the same time.

8. Just in case you’re wondering what he would look like if he’s the President of the USA.

9. His level of shade is pretty extreme.
10. He’s a part of the #MeToo movement.

Terry discussed toxic masculinity, his own experiences as a victim of se xual assault, and the industry in general.

11. He also shared his own experience.

12. His relationship with his wife is ideal.

13. He shares adorable snaps like this of social media.
14. He will always find an opportunity to share how much he loves his children.

15. He’s one of those dads that makes kids extremely embarrassed.

16. He likes K-pop.

17. Nobody outperforms Terry on a Flex Cam. Nobody!

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