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16 Cat Tattoo Designs That Are Just Too Purrfect To Resist





Tattoo designs have evolved from basic patches and typography, to the most eloquent of ideas. Heck, some would even prefer to have a popular city and/or landmark tattooed on their body. It just keeps evolving as time passes by. This list, in particular, is no exception. These tattoos are cute but witty at the same time.

Whether or not you are a cat lover, you cannot simply resist the beauty of these cat tattoo designs compiled by 9GAG. They are just purrfect (see what I did there?)! They might even inspire you to get your own, but be sure to find the right artist. Otherwise, it might turn out to be a CATastrophe.

So without further ado, here is a list of the cutest feline tattoos in the world. You can thank us later!

#1. Sometimes, a cat’s eyes and, well, nose are enough to offer beauty.

#2. A black and gray concept perfected with a twist of blue and yellow.

#3. Like they always say, “simplicity is beauty.”

#4. A Yin and Yang cat design? Sure, why not?!

#5. You can always immortalize your pet like this one here.

#6. Yes, you can also have your favorite scenery or view inside a cat.

#7. This is perhaps the most interesting design in this list. An epitome of a UV tattoo.

#8. I am sure this one looks familiar, right?

#9. You just need to run your imagination, throw some ideas, and you will get that Eureka moment.

#10. Literally, it is a cat on a string.

#11. This whiskered cat tattoo will definitely make your day.

#12. It looks simple, but there is a lot going on in this space cat design.

#13. If you are tired of the typical skeleton-based design, just try adding a feline concept like this one.

#14. If you are fond of geometry and stuff, you will fall in love with this design without doubt.

#15. Well, it is just another whiskered cat tattoo.

#16. Of course, this list cannot be complete without this one here!

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