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10 Architecturally Designed Tattoos That Will Make You Crave One

If these tattoo designs will not inspire you, nothing surely will.


In today’s modern world, people are starting to accept tattoos as a form of self-expression. To some it is art, while to others, well, it is a fashion.

It is also in today’s modern world that tattoos have evolved from a basic design to a more architecturally inspired body art. From sophisticated designs of buildings and infrastructures to mind-blowing geometric inkings, people have learned to accept that a tattoo is not just about words and/or patches.

To give you a concrete idea of what these are, Bored Panda has compiled a list of stunning tattoos that enthusiasts are into these days. Who knows? You might just be inspired to get inked, too.

1. Does this remind you of a castle from a TV show or something?

2. This is perhaps the best way to immortalize a beautiful view.

3. It may be simple, but it sure looks stunning.

Have you watched Prison Break? Well, the next one is not really that close to the protagonist’s prison map-design, but this is still off the charts!

4. Yep, sometimes you can make a map out of your body.

5.It can be a church, a stadium… just name it.

6. Inception, anyone?

Okay, here is another motion picture reference, but this time, it is a from a film. Actually, you can get some good ideas from this movie. Thank you, Christopher Nolan.

7. Oh yes, that is the titular Ilios in Greece.

8. Or you can have it inked on your finger. Anywhere will do anyway.

Sometimes, a tattoo does not have to be placed in an area of the body that can easily be seen. You can have it inked on your back, stomach, etc. Remember: there is excitement in hiding.

9. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this one here? No, not the body. No.

10. If this is not enough to inspire you, I honestly do not know what will.


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