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15-Year-Old Kid Performs Insanely Amazing Voice Impressions of Famous Men!





Jake Foushee is a 15-year-old kid who has a voice of a full grown man. He’s got a rich, deep, baritone register that’s incredibly soothing to hear. Not only that, this young man can do amazing voice impressions of several iconic actors like Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Jason Statham. But wait until you hear him mimic the distinct, low, modulated voice of Optimus Prime and the voice over for Disney Channel and  I’m pretty sure you’ll become an instant fan.

Foushee’s talent had been recognized by many and that opened windows of opportunities for him. He had been invited to appear in respectable shows like Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and The Ellen Degeneres Show where Ellen gave him a wonderful surprise. He signed a contract under a highly regarded agency in New York City!

Put the cursor in the play button, close your eyes (or not) and listen as he imitates several actors and characters in the video below. I’m sure you’ll be amazed by how insanely talented this guy is. It’s so crazy it seems impossible that that voice is coming out from someone so young.


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So, what do you think of Foushee’s voice impersonations? Which one’s your favorite?

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